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issue 3Issue 3 published February 2020

In this Issue 3 it features stories from entrepreneurs with the theme of the issue is all about Opportunity

Featuring articles from:

  • Nikola Žugić
  • Brandie Black
  • Graeme McGaw
  • David Freudenberg
  • Tega Diegbe
  • Jason Hulott
  • Elaine Gardiner
  • John Wright

The cover article is from Nik from He shares his story of literally dropping out of law school much to the disdain of his parents. He discovered the world of bonus hunting making money with online gambling. That lead him to the Latest Casino Bonuses website where he eventually made the switch from bonus hunting to full time affiliate marketing.

Commission Magazine Issue 2Issue 2 is out launched October 2019!

In this issue are featured articles from Craig Campbell, Dan Ray, Dan Kelly, Andy Wullmer, Lee-Ann Johnstone, Pierre Lindh, Robbie Strazynski and John Wright. The main theme of this issue is GTD: Getting Things Done. We look at all the things that get in the way of being productive where in the world today, we have the largest collection of distractions humans have ever had. We ask a lot of entrepreneurs how they stay focused and learn about their workflow.

The featured article is called The Dark Side of SEO which looks at the Sketchiest black hat SEO techniques, SEO agencies including training and of course clients from hell.

Issue 1

Issue 1 of Commission Magazine (CM) has launched in February 2019. Click here to see all the individual articles from Issue 1. Commission Magazine is produced by the same people from StatsDrone app for webmasters. The magazine is produced digitally and can be downloaded and read on any device. Issue 1 features articles from Dan Ray, Erik Bergman, Elaine Gardiner, Lee-Ann Johnstone, Mike Michalowicz and many more.

A New Affiliate Marketing Magazine

There are really not many magazines dedicated to affiliate marketing and the ones that do exist are fairly niche driven. Although CM isn’t the first affiliate marketing magazine to be produced, it was made when there are not a lot of publications that are focused on the needs of anyone working in affiliate marketing. Commission Magazine aims to focus on business, entrepreneurship, SEO and online marketing.

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