Amazon Kindle PaperWhite Review

Why buy a separate Kindle device to read books when you can read those same books on your phone?

In theory a good question but there is a big reason why people are spending over $100 to read books on a device other than their phone or tablet. Not just that, these Kindle e-readers don’t have colour so you are stuck with black text on a white background most of the time.

Disruption-Free Reading

Kindle PaperWhite device

My simple reason of getting a Kindle PaperWhite was primarily to read in peace without any disruptions. It feels like I’m not on another electronic device even though it is one. I’ve had numerous times where I’m reading books on my Kindle app on my phone only to be interrupted by WhatsApp messages. Knowing you’ve been sent one, it is almost a habit to check it. However I don’t always want to be interrupted and it is for this reason that I often will turn off my phone while working to give myself one last distraction. With a phone you can also listen to music while reading but for all the things that phones can do, I think a lot of people could do with a break from them. I don’t need to listen to music while reading although I’m sure some people do.

Less Eye Strain

The Kindle PaperWhite is very easy on the eyes and that is why I say it doesn’t feel like another device like a phone or laptop. The Kindle device is easy to read in the day time or even at night. I haven’t tested it out in the sun yet but this is one of their selling points of how useful this e-reader is whereas phones and tablets usually have too much glare to be useful.

I love reading paper books because it is a break from a screen but I don’t like having all that extra weight in trying to carry around all those books.

Kindle on the beach

Ok so I didn’t get a chance to test the Kindle PaperWhite on the beach but they say it works great there. Although they advertise it as being waterproof, I’m not about to dunk this thing in the water.

What about the Kobo E-Reader?

People that have the Kobo seem to love it and there also seems to be a lot of people that are not fans of Amazon’s ecosystem. I believe you can read Amazon books on your Kobo with a plugin and I think the Kobo devices have more advantages than the Kindle. Otherwise most people know of Amazon being the biggest market place for books but that doesn’t mean you can’t get those same books on other devices.

Kindle PaperWhite long battery life

Overall I chose the Kindle as I had already bought a lot of books with the Kindle app and it was easy enough for me to stay on the same platform. Maybe in the near future a better e-reader will come out as Kindle and Kobo are not the only devices around. There is the ReMarkable tablet which looks very promising but is at least 5 times the price of a Kindle PaperWhite so that is a deal breaker for most people.

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