Stay Focused Android app – avoid social media distractions

Stay Focused Android app

How much time do you spend on your phone?

It seems that more and more studies and telling us that mobile activity has already surpassed the amount of time people spend on their computers. Go to any airport or city and you’ll always see someone on their phone. Walking zombies with a phone in their hand? They are of course everywhere and are dangerous to themselves.

There are many apps that will help you track the time you spend on your computers and phones but one that seems to take it to the right level is called Stay Focused and of course is aptly named.

Stay Focused features

Stay Focused appears to be an Android only app and couldn’t be found on Apple’s App Store for iOS. Here are some of the features of the app that should make it worth considering:

  • Strict Mode: prevents you from changing settings and uninstalling the app
  • Lock Mode: password required for changing the settings
  • Tracks time spend on every app including number of launches
  • Tracks habits and your stats
  • Block for a set period of time or intervals
  • Block apps on specific dates and specific times

Stay Focused Android app settings

Stay Focused not just counts how many times you open an app and how many minutes and seconds you spend on it but it gives you the ability to put restrictions on it.

Cutting down on social media

Are you spending too much time on Facebook or maybe it is Instagram? Social media is eating up way too much of our time these days. What makes social media more challenging for those that work in affiliate marketing, is they are important vehicles for both managing your business pages and sometimes social media is a great way to reach out to people and communicate. Sometimes email can take longer and Facebook messenger will get your answer almost in real time. That said, business owners and their staff probably should be a little mindful on how much time is spend on social and it could be the biggest time leak any company faces.

Sure, you could undo some of these restrictions so you could continue your phone addiction but this requires extra effort and you get nice reminders of guilt along the way. Once you have exceeded use of a specific app that you are trying to minimize the use, then you get a screen that blocks the app and reminds you why you installed the app in the first place.

Does the Stay Focused app work?

In trying the app myself, it has helped me stop checking my phone as often and opening up specific social media programs. I know that when I go on these they are either blocked or I’m going to have a limited amount of time I can spend on them so I end up checking them less. The end result is a changed habit where it is easy to just open up the phone and look for something to kill time with.

Stay Focused app screenshots

We all have better things to do with our time but are we really making the best use of it? Go explore any major city centre and see people in a coffee shop, in transit or even at the airport and you’ll find many people passing the time with mindless games. Other times people are busy scrolling in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Some people are also probably placing bets on sport or playing online slots. Some people might be reading but I do think the Kindle PaperWhite is a better device for reading where you are not doing it from a device where you do get distracted and interrupted.

You can get the app in the Google Play store or the iOS App store.