Top 3 CMS For Affiliate Marketing

top 3 CMS for affiliate marketing

So you have decided to launch your first site and earn some money with affiliate marketing. The next step is to decide which platform you are going to use for your website. Let’s assume that your site isn’t going to have a custom built CMS with a complex database, lots of programming work and crazy features. I mean unless you’re trying to build a complex social media site like Facebook then things shouldn’t have to be so complex.

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System so any new affiliate will probably run into this phrase or the acronym. Simply put, this is the platform that is going to allow you to publish content whether it be a blog or a series of pages on a website. It could just be a single webpage as well. There are literally over 100 CMS’s in existence and probably more if I were to start to research. There are always more people producing their own CMS projects to share with other people whether they are paid or free. For the sake of this article, almost all CMS that you can find on the internet are essentially free with the exception that you have to pay for hosting and to register and maintain a domain.

WordPress: Best Overall CMS

WordPress CMS

WordPress is simply the best CMS out there and it happens to be the most popular one too. The learning curve on WordPress isn’t as steep as other CMS solutions and because WordPress is the largest CMS, it means there are more people offering services for WordPress. This ranges from custom WordPress templates, free plugins, paid plugins and even dedicated hosts that only offer hosting solutions just for WordPress sites. With the new Gutenberg version out, the user interface is better than before and WordPress simply gives you the tools to do almost anything you want. This even includes hacking WordPress templates so you have a customized site that is truly database driven.

Since WordPress is the most popular, you’ll also find the most videos, guides and tutorials on WordPress. This is why most websites you visit are powered by WordPress. There are probably many more sites that are powered by WordPress that you simply wouldn’t be able to guess without looking at the source code.

Ghost: Best For Blogging

Ghost CMS best for blogging

Ghost is a relatively new CMS and happens to be developed by John O’Nolan, formerly worked for WordPress so he might know a thing or 2 about what a good CMS should look like. Ghost is an ultra light CMS that is almost the opposite of WordPress. WordPress is ultra flexible whereas Ghost is so simple that it really forces you to focus more on the content. Ghost has less plugins to deal with and is meant for bloggers to simply start producing content and not worrying about complex URL structures that people often get bogged down when dealing with a CMS like WordPress.

Wix: Best For Non-Tech


I personally don’t like Wix but it does exactly what it was intended to do. While WordPress and Ghost have a learning curve to deal with, Wix is meant for the everyday user that wants or needs a website but doesn’t really know what they are doing. Wix takes all that complicated decision making out of your hands and helps you build and launch a website in the shortest time possible. I might cringe when someone tells me they built their site with Wix but if I were to sell them on the idea of the power of WordPress then I’ll be the one forced to spend that time tutoring them and I don’t always want to do that.

If you can write an email and attach images, then you can make your own website using Wix.


If you think you want to get your hands dirty and know you will be making websites for the next few years, it is worth the investment of your time to get to know some of the more popular CMS out there whether using WordPress or Ghost CMS. If you ask any serious webmaster if they would consider switching to a CMS like Wix, they would freak out and call you crazy for suggesting such a thing. This is why CMS like Wix or SquareSpace are great for creating something as the saying goes ‘done is better than perfect’. If you want to get serious about affiliate marketing then you’ll want to take the time to learn these more advanced CMS and become proficient at them.