Video poker affiliate website designed in Sketch

Want to see a video tutorial and redesign of Watch this fast motion video of a video poker affiliate website being designed using Sketch app for Mac.

Watch an affiliate site get created from scratch. Produced in 40 minutes but the video tutorial is compressed to 1 minute.

Website designed by Video poker icons used with permission from

UX notes and wireframes

The wireframes are not included here but were done by a basic hand drawing on a notebook. All screenshots and logos were prepared in advanced so with the wireframe complete, designing the site was very fast. This is just one of a few pages that will be created on the site but shows how fast a site can be produced in Sketch compared to something like Adobe Photoshop.

video poker affiliate website ux design in Sketch

The design itself features a list of video poker games for users to play at the top part of the site and features a card design rather than a table listing. The card design is a popular one as it makes it easier to convert it for mobile design. The rest of the site features regular content and the sidebar is a simple one that is meant to float on the right featuring casinos that are recommended for players.

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