Working from home as a freelancer: Lessons from COVID-19

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Earlier this year I wrote an article and guide on becoming a freelancer, titled Guide to becoming a freelance content writer working from home. With the world economy mostly coming to a halt with a lot of people reacting to COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus, it got me thinking about this article I wrote about being a freelancer and working from home. It seemingly is more important than I realize and here is what I’ve come to realize and have witnessed of late:

  • I really take for granted my ability to work from home and anywhere I want
  • I’ve had many friends being told they can work remotely at home
  • Many friends that are very worried about their job that requires them to travel
  • Many local businesses that depend on people physically coming to see them
  • Sporting events and sports are a really big deal
  • Perhaps this virus is not as serious as some people are making it out to be, but serious enough to take precautions
  • Economies will be changed forever
  • Community is important

Working from home is a luxury

work from home freelancing

With the threat of a lockdown becoming a possibility, being able to work from home is a real luxury. When I see some friends and family being stuck in limbo not knowing if they’ll be able to get a salary next month, it makes me think these people could be doing some freelancing work on the side. When I talk to my freelancers or affiliate marketing friends, they don’t seem anywhere near as stressed as other people. For my friends that have been told to work remotely from home, they must be just as relieved that their jobs are not at risk.

Work that requires travel and commuting

I have other friends that they physically need to go to their job whether it is working at a restaurant, construction jobs, retail or tourism. These people are not as lucky and they are the ones feeling the pressure.

Sporting events are big

empty stadiums sports

My friends in the online sportsbetting business are feeling the squeeze as most sporting events have been cancelled until further notice. The irony is that for the rest of the online gambling community, it is less of a concern with the exception of poker and of course land based gambling. I like to watch hockey and was looking forward to the Euro 2020 event so not having any sports to watch has affected how I view this global problem.

People are freaking out, just chill

There might be good reason to freak out but I think if people took more time to learn about COVID-19, they might realize that things are serious but not end of the world serious. People can be proactive to stay safe and help minimize the spread of this virus. Now is the time people should learn about these viruses including the history of it. The more I read and the more videos I watch to learn about it, the more calm I am about this virus.

Economics will be changed forever

Tourism businesses around the world are getting battered but we have of course record sales of soap, toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Hopefully this causes people to become more hygienic and we have learned something about ourselves. There is already a major economic dent from this and we are possibly at the start of this. I’m sure a lot of biotech companies are seeing a major spike in investment money.

All about community

I feel the pain of anybody that is severely affected by the impact of this virus. We see the opposite of community when you see people fighting at grocery stores and hoarding supplies. On the other end of the spectrum, people are also looking after their friends and families. Your community extends further when it comes to businesses so I hope people are aware of how dependent we are on each other and do what you can to support other businesses and help people in general.

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