Benefits of Mushroom Supplements – Ward Off Those Germs!

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We have all been in the situation when we are preparing for a big event knowing there will be many people around. Naturally with so many people you are meeting and shaking hands we can expect to pick up some unpleasant germs and the next thing we know we have a cold or sometimes worse. Once we have a cold or flu there is not much we can do except manage it and bear through it. Unfortunately, this can ruin our experience at events and make it less pleasant for others also.

I am not a big fan of taking “obscure” supplements other than the usual vitamin C or Berocca after a fun night out. I typically prefer getting the benefits of supplements from foods directly whether they be from fruits and vegetables or various cuisines such as Asian and Indian food.

A few years ago, I discovered the benefits of mushroom supplements to build your immune system. There is a lot of research of the potential benefits of various types of mushrooms including anti-tumor, anti-cancer, helps prevent heart disease and stroke and managing blood sugar levels to mention just a few. I don’t want to get into the discussion regarding the above as these are far too important and need to be discussed with your health professional. What I would like to talk about are the benefits of mushrooms to strengthen the immune system particularly before important events where you are likely to encounter more germs.

We often fall ill with a cold or flu when our immune system is not the strongest. This could be caused from fatigue, stress, travel or whatever else may distract you from looking after yourself. Preparing and going to a conference or event is a good example how we can burden ourselves that eventually weakens are immune system and making us more susceptible to catching germs and viruses but what can we do to help?

Stamets 7 mushroom immune support
Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

A while back, I was preparing for a big conference and heard of many people were already starting to feel ill with bad colds. I also heard some people recommend taking mushroom supplements to help prevent catching the colds that was spreading so I thought I had nothing to lose and lots to gain. I started taking the mushroom supplements about a week prior to the event and every day during the event. Of course, I took other precautions as recommended such as frequently washing my hands etc. During the conference I was amazed how well I felt and although I was surrounded by many people not feeling well I survived the conference unscathed. I followed the same regime for subsequent conferences and was fortunate to never catch any of the germs and was able to stay healthy and enjoy the conferences.

As I am preparing for my next conference, I have already started taking the mushroom supplements to ensure I have strengthened my immune system. Whether it is a coincidence or not something is working, and I don’t plan on tempting fate when I have worked so hard preparing for the conference let alone the costs involved.

So, what’s in these mushroom supplements? There are many types of mushrooms each with their own claimed benefits. Popular mushrooms in building the immune system include Reishi mushrooms, Chaga and Turkey Tail mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries are known to help reduce stress, some seasonal allergies, help you sleep better and boost the body’s immune system. Chaga mushrooms are claimed to ward off colds and lower inflammation during our busy and stressful lives in addition to again boost the immune system. The Turkey Tail mushroom is used to treat colds and flus and build the immune system among other benefits. Put all these together along with a few extra for good measures and it sounds like a good combination worth trying.

The mushroom supplements I chose that have worked well are Host Defense Mushroom – Stamets 7, Daily Immune Support. With these supplements it is recommended that you simply take two capsules each day either with food or on an empty stomach. I tend to take them first thing in the morning as part of my regular morning routine then I am good for the day.

Darrell Helyar profileFor me these mushroom supplements have worked and I have remained healthy during these busy and at times stressful events. They may not be the only reason why I have remained healthy, but I strongly believe they have helped and don’t want to risk not taking them at the expense of my health during such important times.

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