iGaming vs Blockchain

Eman PulisIs the blockchain space bigger than iGaming and what is blockchain doing to change Malta as much as iGaming has?

The iGaming sphere in Malta is a thriving economic force for the islands. The industry has become a productive and established pillar of the economy. Active support at government level has helped attract some of the biggest companies in the tech world to set up shop on our shores – however, while more and more companies are catching on to the benefits of blockchain technology, mass industry adoption is still some way off.

Block tech has far reaching potential across a myriad of industries – finance, healthcare and education are just some of the industries expected to benefit from its impact. We can expect to see this disruptive technology draw investment to the Maltese islands, as well as significantly change the way we live our lives, impacting the way we do business, save and spend money and the way we share and store information.

How many people do you know that have left iGaming for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects?

Malta is the ideal point of overlap between iGaming and Blockchain; the two leading sectors have the potential to become great allies, with blockchain-based iGaming platforms leading the way in the industry. I don’t think people are necessarily leaving iGaming, but many are expanding their focus as the advantages this tech has to offer become clearer

Most people think blockchain is just a buzzword or is only connected with Bitcoin. What are some of the changes in iGaming you see coming where blockchain technology will disrupt the industry?

Malta Blockchain & AI Summit

Shows like the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit have helped bring greater visibility to the tech, while also opening up avenues for industry leaders to debate and shape its future applications. There are also interesting things happening in the education sphere. More and more educational facilities are offering courses in blockchain, helping to dispel the notion that blockchain is just a buzzword.

Block tech is a game-changer when it comes to the iGaming landscape, bringing changes to products and services, to the regulatory landscape, and to the way users interact with the product. The disruptive tech can facilitate transparency for payouts and payments and secure gaming platforms from hackers. There are also benefits to be had for more efficient and safer player data management and storage.

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