Letter from the Editor CM02

magazine design in Sketch

Welcome to the 2nd issue of Commission Magazine! Possibly the hardest issue to put together however each iteration just becomes that much easier. I’ll be putting more systems in place for producing this magazine and will be sharing my workflow and design systems in future articles with the intention of sharing some knowledge. In this issue the central theme is about getting things done and asking others how they get their shit done and stay focused. This theme does relate to my experiences in producing this magazine and I’ve written a massive article on How to Create and Launch a Magazine. That is, it was challenging to juggle all the tasks but after streamlining as much of the workflow as possible, it almost seems that making a magazine is not as complicated as it needs to be.

The biggest takeaway in what I’ve learned to do better for this magazine was to create a Sketch design template specifically for this magazine such that when I have all the content and images done, I can assemble the magazine in record time. I’ve created a few more systems when it comes to content so no doubt organization is key. Enough about me, if you are interested in getting a sneak peak at how a magazine is made, you can read my article later and stay tuned for future articles. Otherwise this issue has more SEO articles as usual and we have a few articles on different industries ranging from poker, adult to NFTs.

In a future edition, we’ll be focusing heavily on case studies so if you are interested in participating, email [email protected] If you like what we are doing and want to support us, you can visit commissionmagazine.com/support/

John Wright Commission Magazine editor