MMA, Events & Magazine Creator with Pierre Lindh

Pierre Lindh entrepreneur

Who is Pierre Lindh and what do you do?

Existential questions straight away! Well I am a reasonably young guy of 31 years of age living in Malta together with my labrador Valpen. As a professional, I’m the Managing Director of Ambassadör Events, a company I started together with my business partner Martin some 6 years ago. Since then we have created a variety of concepts mainly here in Malta and executed more than 600 events.

Why did you launch Ambassador Events and what were you doing before you launched it?

Myself and my business partner Martin have always been passionate about events management. For myself, it’s something that has come naturally since my teenage years and in fact at age 17 I organised my first poker tournament in Sweden for more than 120 people. That introduced me to the world of gambling, and one thing lead to another and before I knew it, I found myself in Malta as the Hospitality and event manager of Betsson & Betsafe. After two years, myself and Martin decided to quit our jobs and pursue our passion which was to organise spectacular parties.

What is the EBM Magazine about and why did you launch it?

The EBM Magazine is an extension of our EBM party events here in Malta. Through the magazine we can highlight interesting and different people in Malta and intrigue the readers. We launched it because we felt there was lacking a proper business/lifestyle magazine locally. It quickly became one of the most popular magazines on the island and we are just about to launch the 10th edition!

EBM Magazine Pierre LindhFrom one magazine creator to another, what do you enjoy the most about making the magazine and what tips would you have for other magazine creators out there?

For me, it’s to come up with different creative angles and touches to the subjects that we are interviewing. A good example of this was when we interviewed parliamentary secretary Silvio Schembri. Instead of a normal interview, we went to his house and had him cook for us, something which is a big passion of his, while he was talking to us about his current projects. The article itself was mainly focused on Silvio’s favorite fish recipes, but also included his thoughts on his more serious projects. I think it’s important to bring out the personalities in people. That is what makes an article interesting

This year you made your K1 debut which a convincing KO win over your opponent. How long have you been in martial arts for and what made you want to get into a ring doing a professional fight?

Yes, this is a memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life. But martial arts have actually been a big part of my life since I was about 19 when I first walked into a local MMA gym, scared beyond belief. I had never been in a physical altercation, and I had no clue how to fight. And yet I found myself drawn to the most extreme form of fighting, MMA. After that very first session, I immediately knew that this is my calling. MMA became an obsession of mine and I trained harder than anyone in my class to become good. I competed at that time in grappling, with the goal of competing in shoot fighting and MMA, however in the middle of the preparations is when I got the offer to move to Malta. And after moving here, there wasn’t much of an MMA scene, so I transitioned to Thai boxing instead. After training for a while, I injured my groin pretty bad, and for the coming 6 years I was hardly able to kick at all with either of my legs. It wasn’t until a year ago after meeting my physio Matthew that it finally started to get better, and after getting back into full training mode again, I finally decided to do my first K1 semi-professional fight. I trained my butt off and I was very proud to have gotten that win!

Was this fight a one off or do you think you’ll do more in the future?

I would love to fight more, but the problem is to combine the insanely hard training with work. Mentally it’s very draining to reload between sessions, which results in work having to take the hit. But if I can find some time off at any point, I will do it again.

iGamingNext gaming conference 2019Your next biggest project is iGaming Next, as the name implies, an iGaming conference which is focused on operators. What makes this conference unique from the other iGaming conferences around?

We believe that NEXT is unique on many levels. First is production value. When you step into iGaming NEXT, it will feel grand. The production will be on another level than other conferences in the same sphere. Secondly, we have really great content not only from industry leaders but also from inspiring figures from outside of the igaming industry who are there to inspire our industry. Just look at one of our keynote speakers, Dhiraj Mukherjee – Co founder of Shazam. A Silicon Valley veteran who will be talking about the wonders of AI. We are building iGaming NEXT to become the intellectual conference within the iGaming sphere.

Ok what’s your secret for GTD (getting things done) and staying focused on these projects?

This is something I think about every day and a great question. I think first of all one thing that is really important to understand is that EVERYONE has off days. When you have an off day, train yourself to accept it and not set high expectations that day. A mistake people often do is that they become stressed because they aren’t productive, which just accelerate the problem. Sometimes your brain needs to take a break. It’s okay.

Secondly is structure. I have experimented throughout the years with many different systems and structures for myself to find my own way. What I try to accomplish with this is to save as much energy as possible for execution, rather than having to think of what I should do next, or spending energy on remembering things. Consider this. Imagine how much energy you would need to spend just to remember your meetings, if you didn’t have a calendar. The same principle is true for any other task as well. I spend 30 minutes each morning to write up my goals of the day with tasks that I need to complete. And then I just execute them. That way, I can feel confident knowing that I am focusing on the right things.

Third is grit. There is no way around hard work. Condition your mind to get used to working hard. Like Kevin Durant says: “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” It really is that simple.

What can we expect from you in 2020 and beyond?

igamingnext conference

We expect 2020 to be our biggest year so far. In 2019 we changed direction in our company, focusing more on our iGaming related projects and we will continue with this strategy as our company (and its owners😊 ) matures. We are excited to build iGaming NEXT into something big, a respected event within the industry, so that is something that motivates me a lot right now. Keep your eyes open!