Roundtable Discussion

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Marius Filip
I am the Founder and CMO of Betzest and Betzest Affiliates.

Vin D’Eletto
I operate WordAgents, an American content creation agency.

Connie Burstin
Igaming Affiliate manager since 1999. I manage the Affiliate Program for SuperiorShare.

Bibi Raven
Link builder by day, sword fighter by night.

David Wynters
I work in the affiliate department for Jazz Sportsbook and casino

Alex Munteanu
Entrepreneur, founder and president of AXL Affiliates
Axl Affiliates Ltd

Craig Campbell
SEO Consultant & Trainer

In a world of constant distractions and interruptions, how do you get your work done and stay focused?

Marius: I block all distractions and interruptions that may break my flow.

Vin: I’m very into efficiency and productivity. Each Sunday, I spend at least an hour prioritizing my never-ending “to do” list so that the most important and impactful tasks are completed first. I will then delegate what I can, and add any tasks that I must handle to my calendar for the week. Finally, I use a pomodoro timer to ensure I stay on track.

Connie: Plan it first before I go online.

Bibi: I am horrible with this. But I’ve been using an app called Pomedone and its works really well, because it’s integrated with all my project management apps and blocks social media and youtube.

Dave: I listen to my favorite music and go to work.

Alex: By working alone in my office, at night, with the phone and all social media switched off.

Craig: Delegation is the key, I have a team of people who do a lot of the grunt work. This in turn allows me to focus more on my business and be creative, but sometimes just working in a quiet room with some headphones on is another way for me to be able to get through a ton of work.

What business related books are you reading?

Marius: EGR, Igaming Business, primary all articles written by legend John Wright.

Vin: The Art of Strategy, Clockwork, Traction, The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Connie: At this moment, no books 🙁 I have a personal couch who is like a business book so when need an advice I go to my couch. 🙂

Bibi: Profit First – haven’t finished it yet. Finances are one thing I could organize much better.

Dave: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, Dying for a Paycheck

Alex: Good to Great – James Collins

Craig: The Art of Not Giving a Fuck, I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about this one, so working my way through this one.

What non-business books are you reading?

Marius: Inland

Vin: Freakonomics

Connie: Food For Healing.

Bibi: I love comics – do those count ;p

Dave: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

Craig: None at the moment, i watch videos and webinars or listen to podcasts instead.

What podcasts are you listening to at the moment?

Marius: The Dream

Vin: SEO Unmasked

Connie: Spotify

Bibi: nothing – I’m trying to focus on my business. I used to listen to Niche Pursuits and Authority Hacker. I did listen to an episode of Jason Barnard with Arnout Hellemans recently – love his singing introductions 🙂

Dave:, Sports With Facts, and I listen to

Craig: As many digital marketing ones as i can. There are too many to mention but guys like Rank Ranger, Charles Floate & Jason Barnard are ones I’ve been a guest on recently.

What is your opinion of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general?

Marius: This is a great technology that will continue growing in 2019

Vin: I’ve invested a bit in Bitcoin. Nothing more than a buy and hold for me.

Connie: I am still a newbie in this decentralized digital currency. However, I see that will take a lot of education for people to accept it as the future for money.

Bibi: I find it very interesting, but don’t understand much of it. Someone gave me a bitcoin in 2014, and I threw it away because I needed room on my phone. Stupiiiiid – still hurts.

Dave: it makes life easier.

Alex: I don’t see any value added to the society by the use of cryptocurrencies. I think it’s just a bubble, similar to dot com, 20 years ago.

Craig: Waste of time its fake money