The Adult Industry & Online Marketing with Andy Wullmer

adult business online marketing Andy Wullmer

Who is Andy Wullmer and what do you do?

This could be very philosophic answer 😊 , I keep it the business area.

I am the TrafficCaptain for the TrafficParner group, and I do mostly the networking for all business units, so I travel to many shows and filter the right people for the right products in our group and do the introduction to the right manager.

How did you get started in online marketing?

I opened in 2003 my own Porn DVD online shop. And fell in love with the Internet business as I could make money 24/7 amd 365 days a year.

What is TrafficPartner?


The TrafficPartner Group is the Umbrella for different companies in the adult space. We have DatingPartner (Dating Products, adult, casual and mainstream) Digital Performance (Media Buying), Amateur Community (Cams and community) Webbiling (payments) Madoffers (Dating products) Grand Slam Media (Trafficbroker for high quality traffic) Fuckbook (worldwide Dating) and some more.

Did friends and family think you were crazy for working in the porn industry or did you keep this discreet and tell them you just make websites?

Not crazy, but of course my mother and my wife were first not happy, because of all the bad image the industry has.

Do you find people judge you today for being an adult and working in the adult space or has this changed over the years?


This has changed a lot, but also the market and my job has changed a lot, I would not say that I am in the pure adult space. I am an online marketing manager with Dating and Cam product. I check more statistics and numbers than asses and boobs 😊

I’ve worked in gambling for most of my career and there are a lot of people that think gambling is worse than porn and others that think porn is the worst thing ever. What is your take on this when it comes to business, ethics and your opinion of the adult space?

Gambling and Sex can be addictive, but in general its something that the society love and do since thousand of years. There are some ethical limits for me, I don’t like some niche of movies, but all I am doing or all services I sell is in balance with my soul, I don’t regret nothing.

What is the current landscape of the adult space? It seems in the past decade that more people are used to downloading videos for free without paying for them and tube sites seemingly became some of the most visited websites.

Yes the tube biz was a big trend since 2004 and destroyed a lot of the paysites business, but in the last 3 year I see a reincarnation of the paysite business, because people look for special content which you can not find on tubes. Also the tubes made all their content legal and mostly like teasers for the full movies. Tubes are also a big place to buy traffic for cams, dating, paysites, pleasure products and nutra products.

Will you ever get tired of traveling around the world, going to all these events and parties?

Well I am now 47 years old and do this event hopping since 20 years and I still enjoy it, but there will be the day I will do less, especially the parties I do already a little bit less than before.

Andy Wullmer Smile vodkaI noticed you are a vodka man. When did you become a vodka connoisseur and what are your favourite vodkas?

Well I had always Vodka in clubs and on parties, and I recognized that with good Vodka I have less hangovers the next day. So I started to buy different quality vodkas on my travels and many friends brought me cool bottles. I would not say that I am vodka connoisseur but I am a heavy user 😊

The Golden bottle of Beluga Vodka is one of my favorites.

Have you tried Kinsip’s Woodland’s Whisper Vodka or the Steinhart Distillery Maple Vodka? Both are from Canada, just sayin

No, both I don’t know, but I will come to Toronto 😊

2020 is around the corner and there are a lot of people out there that think it is too late to get in the online marketing game or other times they feel there is too much information they need to learn before they can be good at anything. You obviously get to see first hand new affiliates and webmasters that don’t have this experience but are able to achieve success. What is your advice for anyone out there wanting to get started and taking a crack at working for themselves?

Well in any kind of business these days there is a lot of competition, but on the other side I always see new talents coming up and they have new ways of marketing. Also the market and the products change always, some years ago it was pop and banner traffic, then video ads, then native, then push, social media etc. So if you want to start now, read first a lot, take some test money and start on.

If there isn’t anything said yet that you want to see, say it here and now

Make some fucking nooooise for the adult industry and online marketing.